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API Access

Users & Permissions

Free users licenses (included in plan)


Provide customer access

Basic access controls

Give limited or read-only permissions

View user activity

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Barcode & QR Labels

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Generate custom barcodes

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Items Details

Unit of Measure Support

Attach up to 8 photos per item

Add custom tags & notes

Add custom fields


Bulk editing details

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Search by scanning


Basic CSV and PDF reports

Generate Activity Reports

Alerts & Reminders

Quantity based alerts

Date based reminders

Item update notifications

Import / Export

Import data via CSV

Migrate data from Sortly PLUS

Export data via CSV or PDF

Export customized CSV or PDF

Export CSV + photos to Dropbox


Help center & tutorials

Weekly onboarding webinars

Email support

Priority Email Support

Onboarding training session

Dedicated Customer Success manager

Custom inventory setup & upload


Add company logo and colors

International currencies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does entry mean?

Each unique item or folder (based on Sortly ID) counts as an entry. The item quantity does not affect entry count.Learn More

What are custom fields?

You can create custom fields to track any item or folder-related details in Sortly from the desktop version of the software. This is generally information you still want to track that doesn’t fit into any of the default fields provided by Sortly. Learn More

How does the free trial work?

Both Sortly Advanced and Sortly Ultra plans have 14 day free trials once you provide a valid credit card. You will receive all the features and access of the full paid product during that time. You can check out the full list of features here.

What happens after my free trial ends?

If you do not downgrade or delete your account within the 14 days during your free trial, your account will automatically convert to a paid month-to-month or yearly subscription, depending on what you have selected when signing up.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan any time?

You can upgrade your plan at anytime by clicking the “Upgrade”, “Purchase Now” or “14-day free trial” buttons. If you are upgrading from the free plan, you will need a valid credit card to start the trial. Your credit card will be charged only after the trial period ends. To downgrade your plan, you will need to meet the limits of the lower plan to which you wish to downgrade A downgrade button will only be available to click on if you meet the plan limits for a lower tier. You can find a list of limits for all plans available here.

What payment methods do you support?

We currently accept all major credit cards or debit cards to activate your Sortly subscription. Unfortunately, we cannot support invoicing at this time.

What does a user license mean?

A user license is a unique user account connected to an email and password. With Sortly Advanced, you will receive 3 free user licenses included in your subscription. With Sortly Ultra, you will receive 5 free user licenses included in your subscription. Each plan can support up to 9 total user licenses. Extra licenses are $3 per user / per month if you are on a month-to-month subscription or $30 per user / per year if you are on an annual plan. Should you need 10 or more seats, our Sales team will be happy to help you.

What happens when I exceed my entry limit?

If you exceed your entry limit, you are able to upgrade. The free Sortly plan allows for up to 100 entries, the Sortly Advanced plan allows for up to 2,000 entries, and the Sortly Ultra plan has 10,000 entries included.

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

At this time, we do not offer additional discounts for non-profit businesses. If you would like reduced billing, you can sign up for a yearly subscription which is a 20% savings from the month-to-month rate.