Over 10,000 businesses rely on Sortly to track anything and everything.
End-to-End Inventory Management
A smarter way to inventory, no matter what business you’re in.
Track items using QR or barcodes
Easily scan and update items using QR labels or barcodes connected to your items.
Automatically stay on top of stock levels
Set up alerts to keep track of stock levels and important dates.
Stay updated anytime, anywhere
Manage your inventory on any computer, tablet, iOS or Android device.
Team Members & Advanced Permissions
Keep your team connected, and decide who can do and see what.
Give controlled access to anyone
Grant access to multiple users and manage their permission levels.
Track user and inventory activities
Remain secure by always knowing what’s been changed, when and by whom.
Effortlessly create reports to share
Generate custom CSV and PDF reports based on current status or past activity.
Inventory from anywhere
Our top-rated mobile apps make it easy to inventory anywhere — even when you’re offline.

Customer Testimonials

ROCK Mechanical
“I’ve looked into inventory management software options costing thousands of dollars to start up that weren’t capable of doing what I’m able to do with your guys’ app. I have also been blown away by your customer service.”
Scott Solberg
HVAC Techinician
Laney LA Architects
“Thanks to Sortly, we have taken our inventory to new levels. All our material is now inputted, tagged, and better organized so we are now able to make information accessible to our designers and clients.”
Mebra Kisaka
Business Manager
Carla Royder Designs & Co
"The Sortly platform is so user friendly. We were all really impressed with how quickly we were able to train the staff. We’re so grateful. We can’t say enough good things about the app."
Carla Royder
New York Art Center
"This is a great system for art work inventory. I can’t wait to implement it into our overwhelming artwork collection. Thank you, well done."
Shane Townley
President & Art Director

Features to make inventory tracking a breeze

Connect barcodes or QR labels
Significantly reduce manual errors or typing by easily linking barcode and QR codes to any of your items.
Get low stock alerts and date reminders
Set up automatic email and in-app notifications to help you keep track of stock levels, returns and more.
Scan in/out items
Effortlessly check-in/out items (move item) to employees, customers, jobs or locations in seconds using the in-app scanner.
Handheld scanner compatible
Use any wired or bluetooth scanner to search, track or manage your inventory.
Create and print custom Barcodes or QR labels
Create beautiful QR labels or barcodes using off-the-shelf self-adhesive labels that are automatically linked to items or folders.
Generate custom reports
Filter & sort your data to generate CSV and PDF reports.
Experience the simplest inventory management software.
More than 15 million things organized. Get sorted today!
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